Revit Support

EngineeringIT provides support for engineering firms, architects and construction companies that use Revit software. Learn more about our services.

Does Your Company Use Revit?

Revit is modelling software used by structural engineers, landscape architects, contractors, designers and MEP engineers. The software was founded in the year 1997 and developed under the name of ‘Charles River Software’. It was renamed to be known as ‘Revit Technology Corporation’ in the year 2000 and finally acquired by current owners Autodesk in 2002.

What is the Aim of the Services Offered by EngineeringIT?

Our team provides you with the IT infrastructure, security, and storage needed to handle the high capacity computing and data utilization demanded by the Revit software. Our IT technicians aren’t here to show you how to use Revit. You already know how to do that. Instead, we’re here to make sure that the IT environment in which you use your Revit software is always updated, secure, maintained, and optimized to the workflow of your engineering firm.

These are the services that we use to give you cybersecurity combined with IT efficiency.

How Is Revit Relevant In The Industry?

Autodesk Revit is a software application for architectural designing and documentation created by Autodesk for the use of construction professionals and architects. The features and tools provided by this application are developed especially to provide support for workflow involving BIM (Building Information Modelling). It provides you with the benefits of coordinated designing with higher quality. It helps in the capturing and representation of your designs in a 3D format in an accurate and efficient manner.

Revit is made for the production of complete and coordinated design and documentation for buildings based on modelling. It enables you to update the plans for floors, sections, and elevations automatically and easily. The software provides you with a 3D representation of the building plan so that you can assess and implement adjustments with visual feedback. The benefit of work sharing helps ensure that all contributors to a project can save and share their work to the same project.