10 Architecture Apps To Try At Your Firm In Calgary

Are you missing out on what these apps can do to make your daily work more convenient?

10 Architecture Apps Used In Calgary

There are apps available to support each and every aspect of the work you and your firm undertakes every day. Whether it’s measuring, drawing, drafting, or otherwise, there’s an application that can make the process as simple and intuitive as possible.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 apps and highlight the specific tools they offer to help simplify your most common tasks. If you haven’t already, try them out the next time you’re on the job – they may make your life easier.

Architect Apps Calgary

10 Architecture Apps & Tools You Need To Try

(all apps are available on iOS and Android unless otherwise specified).

MagicPlan’s Scanner
This app will make use of your smartphone camera to measure spaces and automatically create plans. These files can be exported as:

  • PDF
  • DXF
  • JPEG

This removes the need for you to bring any hardware to the site other than your phone. No more measuring by hand and translating the data into an app back at the office.

Planimeter’s Ruler
This comprehensive measuring tool can get you the specifics of a given space or feature, including area, distance, perimeter, and angles. It can also provide a rather accurate estimate of coordinates, using your GPS tracking tool.

Construction Master Pro’s Calculator
This application takes the place of your conventional calculator app, providing tools that are more in line with the work you do as an architect. Estimate areas, volumes and more, all with the convenience of your smartphone – there’s a reason this app is rated 5 on the iOS utility section.

Sun Seeker’s Solar Compass
Tired of trying to estimate how the sun’s path may affect the lighting in a given space or the placement of a window? This app supports your on-site analysis efforts, providing detailed info on the sun’s position and path, fully visualized, complete with virtual compass and interactive 3D viewing capability.

SketchBook’s Illustrator
A product of long-time architecture software industry leaders AutoDesk, this app provides a robust range of drawing tools to help bring your drafting desk into the field. Pencils, markers, and brushes are all available to users, along with drawing guidelines to ensure proper perspective on drafted designs.

Morpholio Trace’s Professional Tracer (iOS only)
Why bother free drawing from a photo or in person when you can trace over it? This app allows you to draw directly onto photos you take of a given space, providing direct visualization of how you intend the project to occur.

AutoCAD 360 & Autodesk FormIt 360
While not a specific tool or feature, these apps are worth recommending as a whole for the comprehensive capabilities they offer architects on the go. Open your AutoCAD and Revit files where and when you need to, allowing for convenient editing, drafting and creation of conceptual models.

Designed for those working with the ArchiCAD program, this app allows you to access 2d and 3D files on your mobile platforms. You can also make measurement adjustments as you go.

uMake – 3D CAD Modeling (iOS only)
Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, this app uses 2D drawings to develop 3D shapes, rather than basing its modeling processes on planes. Optimized for iPad, you can also navigate your files on your smartphone through this app.

iRhino 3D (iOS only)
Designed for those who prefer using Rhino modeling software, you can access any associated files on your smartphone using this app. You can access your 3D model library, or bring in models from websites, email attachments, or cloud storage like DropBox.

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