Outsourced Managed IT Services for Engineering and Design Firms

Are you an engineering and/or a design firm that needs help managing your IT network? Use an engineering IT specialist to manage your firm’s network.  

Managed IT Services For Calgary Engineering & Design Firms

Are you an engineering and/or a design firm that needs help managing your IT network? Use an engineering IT specialist to manage your firm’s network.  

Engineering and design firms are always looking at the big picture and the fine details of each and every project that they work on. That means that the IT network that they use to develop their designs needs to be top-notch, efficient, and in perfect form, so that they never have to pause in their creative collaboration because their computer system is down or even just running slowly. Your engineering organization needs to know that you can rely on the security of your IT infrastructure and software solutions, giving you the ability to concentrate on your core business.

EngineeringIT specializes in working with engineering and design companies in Calgary and across Southern Alberta. They work with any engineering business that operates and invests in IT network infrastructure including hardware, phone and communication networks, software and maintenance, and needs a reliable, responsive managed IT services provider experienced in unique engineering and design technology needs.

What Should You Expect When Outsourcing Your Engineering Firm’s Managed IT Services?

  • Reliable, 24-hour customer service to keep your IT running at peak performance with minimal downtime
  • Network security services to keep your proprietary data safe from hacking, corruption, and malware
  • IT management consulting to help you develop the IT network that fits your engineering and design work
  • Comprehensive IT strategy and technology roadmap to pair your company’s objectives with the right technology solutions
  • A team of engineering and design technology experts with the experience to manage your firm’s IT services

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Support?


Engineers and design specialists work collaboratively with clients to develop custom structures and interiors which involve numerous face-to-face meetings in a number of locations. Being able to access all of your data including documents, blueprints, contracts, and reports during meetings is critical to your firm’s efficiency as well as convenient.

Performance and Integration

Your engineering firm can’t afford downtime. Your IT network must operate efficiently, integrate well with necessary software programs, and be a helpful tool that you can rely on.

Cost Management

Improvement in your IT network management costs including compliance requirements, hardware investments, licensing and software solutions, repair and maintenance.


Engineering and design firms have a lot of proprietary data that is at risk of phishing, hacking, malware, or ransomware attacks which can cripple your business and waste money needed for other costs. Having the right cyber security in place and proper backups can keep your data secure, and restore any missing data in the case of a successful attack or a natural disaster.

Do you Need Managed IT Services for Engineering and Design Companies?

Do you find that clients have high expectations including a sophisticated, easy-to-access IT network? How can your staff be expected to work diligently on their engineering and design projects when they are involved in repairs and maintenance for your computer system?

In today’s rapidly changing world, clients and staff want to work with the latest engineering technology to speed up workflow and improve client and in-house collaboration.

EngineeringIT can help you succeed by taking care of your IT network, allowing you to focus on your core business and individual clients.

Are You Using the Best Custom IT Solutions for Engineering and Design?

Engineering and Design is a fast-paced industry that requires the best IT technology and immediate support to keep up with the demand on your time and expertise. The industry has unique IT technology challenges:

  • High-performance systems to support large data files and complex modelling
  • Team members with high expectations for IT performance
  • Secure protection of intellectual property
  • Out-of-office and remote job duties

EngineeringIT can support your IT network, maintenance and repair, integrating applications, and managing your vendor relationships. We can custom-tailor a managed IT services solution that will support your current needs and grow with your firm as it grows.

Which of these IT Services Does Your Business Need?

EngineeringIT provides IT support services with engineering firms including civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and oil field engineering. EngineeringIT understands the critical nature of the engineering industry and delivers highly-specialized IT support services that make sure your IT systems are running optimally.