IT Support for the Construction Industry

Technology plays a large role in assisting with this. The key to an efficient workflow lies in seamless communication between a construction firm’s two main workplaces…the job site and the front office.

Could Managed IT Services Improve Communications and Mobile Workflow For My Construction Company?

Maintaining an accurate schedule for each job is key to keeping costs in line for the construction industry.

Technology plays a large role in assisting with this. The key to an efficient workflow lies in seamless communication between a construction firm’s two main workplaces…the job site and the front office.

Collaborating with employees in the field via cloud technologies and mobile applications helps move work along and enables you to meet deadlines more easily. Once these tools are optimized to fully support collaborative projects between multiple users and in multiple locations, there are fewer technology limits to your workflow.

EngineeringIT focuses on providing our valued Calgary construction clients with an IT environment that is both secure and efficient. With the ideal IT infrastructure in place, employees have the tools that they need to remain on task and meet financial and operational expectations for each job.

Can EngineeringIT Prevent Technology Downtime for my Construction Business?

EngineeringIT offers proactive, comprehensive IT care that focuses on the reduction of any IT issues that could result in debilitating downtime. Our continuous IT monitoring and maintenance ensures that our Calgary—based clients have IT systems which remain fully functioning, optimized, and ready for use whenever they are needed.

Among the services EngineeringIT offers our Calgary customers are:

  • Secure Communications – Construction companies rely on their phone systems for far more than making phone calls. That’s why EngineeringIT prioritizes ensuring each of our clients has secure and efficient platforms which support the sharing of and collaboration on blueprints, documents, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Always-On Technology – Downtime resulting in missed deadlines can harm your relationships with your clients. When a construction firms IT assets aren’t functioning correctly, the work on the job site grinds to a halt. Proactive IT maintenance helps to ensure that our customers’ IT systems continue to operate optimally to reduce downtime.
  • Mobile Solutions –Mobile solutions are the key to flexibility in the workplace. Our mobile support and services enable Calgary construction firm employees to work securely from anywhere in the world and on any device at their disposal.

What Applications Does EngineeringIT Support For The Construction Industry?

The construction industry is a highly specialized field. Generic IT solutions are ill-equipped to address the challenges workers in the construction industry face every day.

EngineeringIT has the knowledge and experience to assist our Calgary construction firm customers with the following applications for their industry:

  • CoConstruct
  • BIM 360
  • Procore
  • Knowify
  • Spectrum
  • Honest Buildings
  • Crecon
  • Buildertrend

Why Partner With A Managed IT Services Provider?

Many construction firms have only known the time plus materials approach to IT support. While there are times when technology does break down and require repair work, this type of IT support focuses only on fixing what is broken – not finding permanent solutions to keep it from breaking in the first place.

EngineeringIT approaches IT support differently. We focus on providing our valued Calgary clients with proactive IT care. We make it our number one priority to keep our customers’ IT assets running both securely and efficiently.

This approach keeps construction businesses on task and right on target.

Best of all, this type of support is available at budget-friendly pricing, paid in monthly installments.

Some of the services EngineeringIT offers are:

  • Managed Services
  • Office 365 Support
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Services
  • Cloud Computing Solutions