Engineering IT Services

EngineeringIT specializes in IT services and IT support for engineering firms across Canada. Searching for an IT firm that specializes in engineering firms?

How Can Managed IT Services Help My Engineering Firm?

Years of experience make the EngineeringIT team the ideal partner for engineering firms that require customized IT services.

Is Proactive, Continuous IT Support Really That Important?

Almost all engineering firms have experienced a lack of proper IT management at one point or another. Poor IT management, combined with tight deadlines and budgets, increased dependency on technology, communication, and compliance issues, threatens efficiency.

EngineeringIT understands the critical nature of this industry and delivers highly-specialized IT support services that make sure your IT systems are running optimally and supporting your internal and mobile workflow.

What Engineering Sectors Does EngineeringIT Serve?

The EngineeringIT team provides IT support services to engineering firms, including:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Oil Field Engineering

What Challenges Has EngineeringIT Helped Engineering Organizations Overcome?

  • Data Management: Ineffective task management and project management leads to chaos. In every project, there are hundreds of individual tasks happening simultaneously, and each relies on the successful completion of one another.With EngineeringIT’s data management system all such issues are taken care of, with a focus to the following areas:
    • Data Management: By combining data sources, internal and external, into one pipeline accessible by authorized users, the greatest challenge is circumvented. Data is stored and access via a centralized location, ensuring consistency of data accessed.
    • Feedback Management: With a proper feedback system in place engineers have the latest information in hand at a moments notice.
    • Log Management: Only by learning from your mistakes can you move forward. Logs are essential learning tools and many times are required by law to be retained. With a comprehensive Log Management system in place, all activities are properly recorded and categorized, giving you a holistic view of all operational circumstances that led to any decision.
    • Document Management: Paperwork does not need to be overly time-consuming, focusing resources on non-essential tasks. While documentation is necessary, paperwork is a required byproduct of the core functions of an engineering firm. Compliance regulations dictate documentation, requiring detailed outlines of project organization. When it comes to document management, the IT side of industry or legislative compliance standards are dealt with on our end.

What Types Of Services Do You Provide?

  • Managed IT Services – Total management of all IT functions for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Cloud Services – Includes business continuity and back up services in case of a disaster and a full package of Microsoft Office 365
  • Cyber Security – With Threat detection, business continuity options and Managed security.
  • VOIP Services – Complete package with 24/7 tech support